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Greener Grooming Whole Pet Essentials

Greener Grooming Whole Pet Essentials has been proudly serving Universal City and the surrounding areas since June 2008. Everyday we work very hard to keep you and your pets happy. We treat every dog that walks through our doors as if they were ours. Being “Greener” we strive to use safe and natural products on and around your pet.


We are also proud to offer a variety of products for your pet from treats and shampoo to healthy supplements. We also carry some freeze dried raw food and a few frozen raw food lines like Answers, Small Batch and Bones & Co. We try to be very selective on products we like to sell. If we won’t use it in our home, we won’t sell it. Come visit us and check out our retail area that is growing by the day!

It's that time of year! We've been nominated for Best Pet Grooming for the 2nd year in a row!! Vote daily to help us win! 

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About Us

Bringing 25 plus years to you and your furry loved ones, Greener Grooming Whole Pet Essentials will always do their best to make you and your dog as comfortable as possible.  Using natural, no chemical or dye products and long used grooming techniques, we want what is best for you and your furry companion.

About Us


We are proud to offer a variety of products for your pet from treats and shampoo to healthy supplements. We also carry raw food lines like Answers, Small Batch and Bones & Co. We are very selective on the products we offer. If we won’t use it in our home, we won’t sell it. Come visit us and check out our retail area that is growing by the day!

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Dogs Naturally Magazine Pet Food Nutrition Specialist
Answers Pet Food
The Natural Groomer by Harco

Answers Pet Food is specifically formulated by a nutritional scientist to find the most appropriate fermented diet, using only whole raw foods. Their passion is creating a higher standard of pet food. We absolutely love this line of raw pet food. The only raw pet food that is fermented puts Answers in a whole other level of nutrition for your pet."

Owner/Head Groomer Deena has been using the Natural Groomer for over 20 years. This gentle line of shampoos uses natural oils and herb extracts. No harsh soaps or detergents are used ever. This is our favorite everyday shampoo.

Open Farm Dog and Cat Food

We were very excited the first time we heard about Open Farm. Every Open Farm recipe is designed to give your pet exactly what they need and nothing more because Open Farm is committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, with even stricter quality than what we feed ourselves.

Integrative Healing Institute Allergy Products

As most people know if you’ve lived in San Antonio for any amount of time you or your pet has had a brush with seasonal allergies. We love integrative healing Institute holistic allergy tinctures. They are formulated primarily For the types of environmental allergens we have in this area. So if you’re looking for a gentle more natural allergy support definitely check this out.

Bones & Co. Pet Foods
Skout's Honor Pet Shampoo
Herbsmith Supplements for Dogs

We love raw pet foods. We love limited ingredient. We love small batches. We love Texas! We love Bones & Co! B&C is an awesome raw pet food company from Austin Texas. 

"At Bones & Co. Pet Foods, we believe it’s up to us to do right by dog, no matter the cost. #RawFoodRebels"

That’s why they handcraft the best, most appropriate food for dogs. B&C's food is 95% meat bone, & organs and 5% vegetables, vitamins, & minerals—making it the most biologically and metabolically-appropriate food out there. With no preservatives, no grains, and absolutely no fillers, their food has nothing to hide.

We've been known in the past for being very picky about the shampoos that we use or suggest in our shop. Skout's Honor has raised the bar and changed the shampoo game. This has been one of our favorite additions. What makes it so awesome is their use of probiotics. 



The skin is home to trillions of bacteria, some good and some bad. The good bacteria serve as the first line of defense against the environmental damage and inflammation commonly associated with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. When applied to the skin, probiotics make it difficult for harmful bacteria to take over and allow the good bacteria to flourish.


Skout's Honor's Probiotic Skin Care for Pets combines the breakthrough technology of topical products with advanced natural cleansers and conditioners to produce a noticeably healthier-looking skin and coat in 2-4 weeks.

If you're looking for a more natural ayurvedic approach in treating your pet for health issues such as seasonal allergies, anxiety, dental health etc. Herbsmith is a terrific supplemental line. Chris Bessent, D.V.M., founder of Herbsmith, practices holistic veterinary medicine, utilizing Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy and chiropractic on all animals. After more than a decade of using Chinese herbal combinations in her practice, Dr. Bessent channeled her wealth of knowledge and experience into Herbsmith, Inc.

CocoTherapy Coconut Oil for Pets

We are excited to carry CocoTherapy products. 

CocoTherapy coconut oil is 100% pure, USDA certified organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil. Bottled from one of the best sources of coconut oil available in the world, it is the highest quality coconut oil can give your pets.

Virgin coconut oil is the richest natural source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which is a medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA). Most of coconut oil's health benefits come from medium-chain fatty acids. Medium-chain fatty acids consists of caprylic (C8:0), capric (C10:0) and lauric (C12:0) acids.



We offer traditional pet grooming which include bath, haircut, trim and file nails and cleaning out ears. For pricing information please call. Prices are based on size, breed, condition of coat and temperament. 

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What Our Customers Say

"Stress Free Visit"

"Extremely Knowledgable"

"Dog Whisperers"

"The staff here, especially Deena, took what could have been a stressful experience for my little guys, Bexar and Brodie, and turned it into a pleasant and stress free visit. I will use them as long as I am in this area and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much for making my babies feel safe and cared for. Your patience and compassion means more than you could know."

"We are so thrilled with our experiences with Greener Grooming. Deena and Mandy are very patient and extremely knowledgeable about care and nutrition. Our Jake was scared of PetSmart but he loves coming to Greener Grooming. That speaks volumes to me. Extra bonus that the price is less for us here, too!"

"Greener Grooming truly is a Godsend to us. We are convinced that Deena and Mandy are dog whisperers. We come home not only looking and smelling terrific but are calm and rested. Even with a shop full of dogs, there is no barking, whining, or growling. Our family knows we are well taken care of as well as loved on while we are at Greener Grooming."

Cathy Hightower

Elizabeth Quesada Brickley

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